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Coronavirus: Nigerians Alledgedly Mobs Pharmacies to buy Chloroquine Drugs

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Coronavirus: Nigerians Alledgedly Mobs Pharmacies to buy Chloroquine Drugs

Following the announcement by the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, that Chloroquine has been approved to treat the deadly Coronavirus (COVID-19), Nigerians have capitalised on the disclosure to invade pharmacies and chemists to buy out the drug.

Coronavirus: Nigerians Alledgedly Mobs Pharmacies to buy Chloroquine Drugs

Photo: US President, Donald Trump

According to an investigation by TheCable,many Nigerians in Abuja and Lagos have been rushing to get the drug since it was announced that it could cure the Coronavirus.

A store owner told the newspaper that he could not understand the sudden rush for the drug. He revealed that he is currently out of stock for the drug as it was sold out the previous day. Another store owner said that one person bought 15 packs and promised to come back when more is available.

Photo: Customers buying drugs, credit- TheCable

Several pharmacies the reporter visited were either out of stock of the Chloroquine drug or selling at a more exorbitant price, with the fear of selling at even higher prices as the days go by.

If the rush continues, Chloroquine which is recommended for malaria treatment could become a scarce commodity in a matter of days. 

It would be recalled that since the pandemic, owners of pharmaceutical stores and supermarkets have exploited the situation to inflate the prices of infrared thermometers, face masks, hand sanitizers and other protective apparels. A box of face masks which initially sold for N700 was inflated to now sell for N3, 500, while a bottle of hand sanitizer which used to sell for N900 went up for as much as N19,000.

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