Who Does the Tough Job, Vehicle or You Body? Read and Learn

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Last year December/ Early Part of January

l decided to service my car for enhanced performance at the following cost:

A) Engine oil N4,500 ,

B) Oil Filter N1,000 ,

C) Change of front wheel bearings: N25,000

D) Change the four tyres 205/70 Rim 16@26,500: N106,000

E) Wheel Balancing & Alignment: N3,500

F) Servicing and Workmanship cost; N10,000.

G) Bought Injector Cleaner & Chemical to minimize Fuel Consumption: N1,500

H) To cap it all l filled the fuel tank up with just N13,500 .

Total cost was N160,000. !!!

While on my bed tonight, a thought began to creep into my mind after hearing so many sad news this year.

Many colleagues/ friends from different fields died in their early 40’s, 50’s etc.

I was told that they complained of simple signs and symptoms of one ailments or the other, and then death struck.

I asked myself,


For how long will you keep thinking all is well with your health in spite of all odds?

We drive through dust at times, inhale all kind of unclean and highly polluted air, drink some water we don’t know their sources, eat fast foods with additives and hazardous condiments.

We engage the computer and phone without minding our gradual exposure to radiations.

If my car could gulp over #160K in an instance just for fine tuning l think l deserve to diagnose and upgrade my system.

Who is doing all the tough job, you or your car?

When last did you have a medical checkup?.

How healthy is your lifestyle?

What efforts are You making to maintain optimum capacity of your body internal organs?

1) The Oil Filter is Kidney,

2) Fuel Pump is your Heart,

3) Air Filter is the Lungs,

4) The Plugs in your body is your Pancreas,

5) Chemical Filters is your Liver while

6) Your Chassis body is the Bones and skeletal system.

7) Your eyes are the head lamps.

8) Your legs are the tyres.

9) Your veins and the intestine are the wires and the hoses.

Check your eyes, ears, vital organs like heart, liver , kidneys and lungs

It could make a difference.

Remember nothing is more important than our health.

Health is Wealth!

Abel Wealth (Copied)

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