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Dog sinks it’s teeth into the neck of a pig in brutal fight to death

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The savage moment a hunting dog sinks its teeth into a wild pig has been captured on a GoPro attached to its head.

Shocking footage shows the dog running across a field and through water before catching the black pig.
The clip, believed to be filmed in the USA, shows the dog dashing past other hounds to get to the pig.

The pair tumble into a stream where the continue their fight to the death. Other dogs run and join in the attack.
Hunters then appear and hold the pig down as the dogs continue to bite intoit.

Two men then pat one of the dogs before sending it away.

The shocking footage has racked up more than 14,000 views since it was posted onYouTube and has won praise from hunting enthusiasts.
One user commented ‘that was intense’.

Another added: ‘Very well done! Beautiful hunting dogs!’

The moment the dog bites into the hog after tackling it in a river following a chase

The pig dashes through a field before the dog catches up and tackles him head on

Once the pig is captured, another dog joins in and sinks his teeth into the hog

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