Xenophobia Attacks on Nigerians and Fellow Africans in South Africa, Our Stand

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The ongoing barbaric violence instituted by the South Africans against fellow Africans, most especially against Nigerians must be addressed and come to a halt now.

The images and storylines emanating from South Africa are very disturbing and urgent practical steps must be taken to change the narratives.

Both Nigerian and South African governments must take practical steps to face the realities of the day and devised measurable and sustainable resolutions to put an end to these inhumane practices.

The two countries must go beyond rhetorical tendencies of diplomatic make-believe of all-is-well approach or inconsequential summoning of one High Commissioner or mere issuing of official press statements of condemnation.

People want to see empirical steps being undertaken by the two governments to put an end to the viciousness in South Africa.

South Africans have their investments in other African countries, most in Nigeria. A retaliatory measure will speak doom for the continent.

We must stop the Xenophobic attacks now.


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