Don’t Hate – Here is the Car Linda Ikeji is Saving all her Money to buy

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The newest mother in town Linda Ikeji is living her life to the fullest, despite the hate speech going on from young ladies who subscribed to her celibacy saga.

Recall, Linda was a strong advocate against pre-marital cexual intercourse and had even advised her followers mostly young women to abstain from cex before marriage.

Well she blow the mind of Nigerians when she disclosed the paternity of her son in a long story where she disclosed in detailed the scenario of the pregnancy on her blog.

This didn’t really go well with her followers, but it never stopped Linda from living her life. In a recent post, Linda shared a photo of a new whip she intends adding to her garage.

She tagged the photo: “Next on my mind. Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriole.”

She went on to say: “Don’t hate, don’t troll, just tap into the blessing.”

That car cost a whopping sum of £260,000, when converted it’s N104,000,000.00, wow she got taste, but i’m sure her bank manager will probably advise her not to go that lavish.

Do you think she’ll do it?

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