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Hand­some Young Man Weds Two Women On The Same Day (Photo+Video)

A man who mar­ried two women on the same night after dat­ing them for eight months has encour­aged oth­er men to fol­low his step.

A young Soma­li man who mar­ried two women on the same night has grant­ed an inter­view to the BBC ask­ing men to do the same thing.

Bashir Mohamed said he court­ed both women for about eight months and con­vinced them to mar­ry him.

I used to bring them togeth­er to socialise with me at my home,” he told BBC Soma­li.

I used to say open­ly to both of them that I love them. They were sat­is­fied,” he added.

The advan­tage of mar­ry­ing both at the same time was that they would not get “jeal­ous” lat­er, and would know from the begin­ning that they were in a polyg­a­mous mar­riage, Mr Mohamed said.

He had tak­en two wives because he want­ed “many chil­dren”.

I will encour­age oth­er men to do it if they can afford it,” Mr Mohamed said.

Polygamy is allowed in Soma­li cul­ture, but it is unusu­al to mar­ry two women at the same time, BBC Somali’s Mohamed Mohamed says.

It has hap­pened a few times in the last few years, sug­gest­ing that a new trend may be start­ing, he adds.

Mr Mohamed mar­ried the two women, Iqra and Nimo, in Sinai vil­lage in the break­away state of Soma­liland on 22 June, the pri­vate Soma­liland Informer news site report­ed soon after their wed­ding.

The video is on YouTube, but it is side­ways:

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