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Revealed: Here is Why prostitutes fear Congolese men in Kyumbi

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Sex workers parking on a Nairobi street at night. [Photo/Standard]

Makutano Kyumbi is a town, along Mombasa road, exactly at the Machakos turnoff well known for prostitution which comes with a large number of long-distance truck drivers who spend their nights there.

The town which looks dormant at daytime accommodates over 400 trucks parked each night translating to over 1200 persons who encompass drivers and their conductors.

Cathy Nzisa, a middle-aged lady with over 5 years experience lamented that the business is getting worse with young entrants attracting the drivers for as low as Sh100 service charge per hour.

Nzisa said the business used to bring handsome income probably on weekends if you are lucky to lay five men each at Sh300 or Sh500 per hour according to the agreement.

“Rates vary depending on the man. If he is willing to use a condom it remains at below Sh500 and if he is for ‘nyama kwa nyama’ [without a condom], then the charges start from Sh1,000 and above for an hour only with conditions that ‘hakuna kumwaga ndani’ [no ejaculating inside her],” she said.

Martha revealed that at times she finds it hard to stand some men especially the Congolese due to their endowed manhood and severally she escapes from the lodging for her safety, though she added that a bad night having laid around 4 men she goes home with clean Sh1,500.

“I don’t have any shame doing this job. To me, it is like a profession. I started after completing form four and due to lack of fees and my mother was a widow and I was the third born, I decided to help my family that I contribute in fees paid for my younger siblings after having worked for 4 years,” Martha narrated.

The girl who has been in the trade since 2012 added that “Though the market has been severely intruded by girls from other regions especially Kisumu, Luhya land and Kikuyus not forgetting of Uganda we are trying to up our game.”

Cathy adds that putting ‘mchele’ in client’s drinks are affecting business as men are now taking precautions.

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