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How Yahoo Boys Hack Facebook and WhatsApp Accounts

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Hack Facebook and WhatsApp

How do you think Yahoo Boys Hack Facebook and WhatsApp Account?

One of the trending topics in Nigeria and Africa is the increase numbers of online fraudsters popular know as yahoo yahoo boys.

Nigeria security agencies have continuously work round the clock to ensure that these set of fraudsters are apprehended and made to face the full wrath of the law.

Just before the COVID-19 pandemic, which has made everyone go underground, security agencies have continued to raid hideouts where this sets of boys live lavishly at the expense of their victim. The are well known for driving expensive cars and partying everyday.

Have you pause to ask yourself this question, how do they really operate?

Well, i will expose some of the ways this criminals operates.

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One of the ways Yahoo boys make their money is by hacking Facebook and Whatsapp accounts of victims which they demand for ransom as well as defraud contacts.

I will tell you a story of how they hack Facebook and Whatsapp account of someone I know.

A friend of mine was once a victim of Facebook hacking and it wasn’t funny at all.

How did it happen?

He went to charge his phone somewhere and forgot to password the phone. I have advised him several times to always put a password on his phone, but it seems I was reading news.

So after picking up the phone later from where he was charging it, he was unable to access his Facebook that evening. He later got a message on his Gmail account that his password was changed. He became the victim of yahoo boys.

What these guys do is that, when they get access to your phone, they immediately change your email password as well as your Facebook password. It then means that you can’t recover back your Facebook account due to the fact that you no longer have access to your email account.

The fraudster went to my friend’s list of friends on Facebook and started sending messages to his contacts abroad asking for financial assistance. He lied that my friend was very sick and was admitted to the hospital.

One of my friend’s contact abroad almost sent money to the account provided by this fraudster, but had to confirm from him on WhatsApp. That was when she found out that my friend was hacked.

It took him many days before he was able to recover his account back.

Always password your phones to avoid this from happening to you.

Another way they hack people on Facebook is that they would clone Facebook and send a message to your phone to change your password for security purposes. When you click on that link you have given them access to your Facebook account where they can now change your password. You then become a victim too.

Facebook will never send you a direct message to change your password. The will rather ask you to log in to your email to get a password reset code.

They hacked another of my friend’s account and started sending pornography pictures on her Facebook wall. It was very embarrassing. She had to send an apology message to her friends on Facebook immediately she recovered the account.

Oh yes, it’s possible to recover the account. Facebook is aware of these hackers and they have also taken strict measures to protect users, but it may take weeks to recover your account back.

There is also a similar way yahoo boys use in hacking Whatsapp. They will call you on the phone and tell you they got your number from a Whatapp group. They will tell you there’s a business group they want you to join, that they will send you the link to the group and a code to enter for verification.

Please don’t open that link, when you open the link and put that code, your Whatapp will be hacked.

To be on the save side, activate a two-way authentication security code on both your Whatsapp and Facebook. If you don’t know how to do this, drop a comment on this post and I will guide you on how to activate it and secure your account.

I was almost a victim of Whatsapp hack. Someone called me and mentioned a group in which we are both mutual members then told me about a business group he wants me to join. He said he’ll send me the link and code to use in joining the group. I just had a bad feeling about the whole thing, then I told him I wasn’t interested. Personally I hate Ponzi scheme or any money doubling program so I thought it was one.

It was later on i found out this was a scheme to hack my Whatsapp.

Another way yahoo boys operate which is very popular is to set up fake accounts on dating websites where they pretend to be someone else. Preferably they’ll use photos of white women and men to create these accounts.

Now, these dating sites are solely for meeting mature singles who are looking for life partners. Most of this type of website is paid for to join.

Yahoo boys don’t mind the fees for this dating website, so they pay because they know what they’ll get back.

When they join, they’ll pretend to be from a foreign country. They’ll upload like three to four photos of a white man or woman depending on who they want to target. Most times, it’s photos of white men they use because white women are easy to catch.

They will look for profiles of white women between the ages of 30 – 40 who are desperate to settle down after failed marriages. This set of women are vulnerable and are easy to convince.

Then the conversation begins.

When they’ve observed that the woman has started falling in love, they’ll start cooking up stories. They’ll tell the woman that their business is not going well as planned and they want to really settle down with her soon.

Out of compassion, the innocent woman will offer to help. She becomes the victim.

How do they receive payment from clients knowing fully well that they are not actually in the country on their profile page?

This is the trick.

It’s a network and these fraudsters have contacts in those countries where they pretend to stay.

Yes some of their contacts are even white men and women.

So what they do is that when the victim decides to pay, they’ll link her up with their contact in that country where they pretend to stay. When she finally pays, the contact person will transfer the money and keep his own cut.

You see the drill. That’s how it’s done.

There are other ways this lazy yahoo boys make money and we hope that securities agencies will continue to flush them out.

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