Lesson you Should Learn from Judith’s Betrayal

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Judith was going down every day, her beauty is fading away, though it has been a while we have been together, so I expected her to be better than she was when I left. Last week I traveled, I saw her and she was not looking good at all, and I expected her to be very excited seeing me again after some while but she was not. So I pretended like I never knew what happened at that moment because I strongly believe that every human being becomes abnormal five minutes every day, so I thought that must be the moment of her abnormality. But the same thing repeated itself, so I decided to check up on her to know what is actually wrong.

When I got to her house, she was lying down, so I sat down and said to her, babe we have been friends for years now, I know when you are angry, When something is eating you up and when you are ready to kill. Your situation now shows that you are ready to kill, so babe what is wrong? She looked at me and started crying, so I held her and said, babe stop crying, and tell me what the problem is, you know that we can always sort things out no matter what.

At this point, she was able to hold herself a little and she said, Stan, is better for an outsider to stab and betray you than for a best friend to stab and betray you, the pain can never subside and the agony is worse than hell. At this point, I was confused. She continued, you know Jude my boyfriend and you also know Cynthia my best friend? I said yes I know them very well, are they dead? she said , even if they are dead, it could have been better but could you believe that both of them are planning to get married soon?

As am talking to you, Cynthia has been in his house for almost a week now. At this point, I was weak. But babe did you guys have issued? a asked. Yeah, we broke up few months ago. Stan, I have come to understand this saying that the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know, for the days I was dating Jude, Cynthia has been pretending to be a good friend and wonderful one, but I never knew she is opposite. Yeah, I know Jude hardly fulfill all my request, he is always complaining, manage this and give me time every thing will be fine, and when am mad at him because of his inability to fulfill my needs, Cynthia will always tell me to take it easy with him that things will soon get better that I should just be patient with him.

When Jude frowns at my behaviors and actions and I get upset with him, the same Cynythia will tell me to calm down that he was not doing it for his own good but only trying to bring out the best in me and make me an award winning lady. Several times have I wanted to break up with Jude, Cynthia will tell me not to, that Jude is a nice guy, that she is yet to see a guy with his type of heart, that is better we have issues today to enable us understand and enjoy each other tomorrow, that many a time, issues bring proper understanding between two people, that in every true and genuine love, issues are inevitable but it only helps them to be more stronger, that I should learn how to settle issues with him when there is matters arising. But in all these things, I never knew that devil(Cynthia) was planning evil at my back. I swear, I must deal with that bitch.

At this point, I was laughing, “so, all the things I told you are all funny right?” Not at all babe, just that I remember that I told you the same thing that Cynthia told you, so I don’t know why you are angry that Cynthia is about getting married to someone you have discarded because he could not meet up with your demand. See, Cynthia is the best friend you can ever have in life. It’s only a fool that will throw away gold because someone else did not know nor understand what it is and represent. When you looked at Jude, you only saw wood that means nothing to you but Cynthia saw beyond the level of wood and saw something very precious and worth holding unto.

So my dear, Cynthia never snatched your man from you, she never stabbed you at the back, she never betrayed you and she never did anything bad to you. She has been a wonderful friend from day one, trying to help you see beyond the present but you were carried away by pleasures of the present and forget the fact that tomorrow exist, is true that she is your best friend, but she cant throw away gold that comes her way because you did.

If you are writing exam with your best friend and the first question says, 1+1 and you know very well that the right answer is 2, but your best friend says is 6, you tried everything humanly possible to help her understand that the correct answer is 2, but she refused to accept and goes on to write 6 as the answer, will you also write 6 as your own answer because your best friend wrote 6? So my dear you made your own choice and she did as well, so there is no weapon you will form against her that will prosper.

I could have been mad with Cynthia if you and Jude are still together and she did what she did, but you have already written him off and accepted another guy of which you think is better, so why are you complaining and trying to sabotage the good girls image. I have heard several ladies say, they like this guy, he is loving, caring, understanding, romantic, very resourceful and caring, I love him and have much feelings for him and he is also interested in me but I just cant because he had once dated my friend (this is rubbish). You impeded yourself because he once dated your friend, you deprived yourself the joy and happiness coming your way because there was a history that this guy once dated your friend.

You couldn’t see that history or story as a means of connection knowing fully well that something must bring two people together. Maybe it did not work between him and your friend because your friend can not accommodate what you can accommodate. The moment you begin to understand that you and your best friend never had the same uniqueness, the better for you. What you want in life is not what she wants in life, you guys don’t have same understanding, and your vision is never her vision. Don’t accept all that she accepted and don’t reject all that she rejected, the software she accepted that is working very well in her system can hang yours and can also be a virus that will damage your own system. And that which works as a virus in her own system can be the software you have been looking for years to make your system a better one.

Cynthia doesn’t care about what Judith has been going on telling people, she sees her happiness and fulfillment better than every other thing. She told you to take it easy with him that things will soon get better, you said no, she told you to calm down that he is only trying to bring out the best in you, you said no, she told you and pleaded with you not to break up with him that he is the best you can ever have, you rejected it and finally throw him away and someone accepted him in all these conditions you rejected him and things are now going well with them and you are angry.

If you love and have much feelings for someone, and also have the conviction within you that this is the type of person you want, and your friend told you that he/she has dated or dating your friend or someone you know, please don’t be in a hurry to say no or yes, check the present status of the person because your friend maybe telling you based on what she/he know six months ago. Always remember that what does not work for your friend can work for you, that which does not make him/her happy can make you happy and fulfilled.

So, don’t deprive yourself the love and happiness coming your way because of whom she/he must have dated before you. Your happiness should always be your priority. A day spends in pains and anger is a full day wasted.

Be guided…..thanks….stan…


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