I have a guy friend that I met online over 4 years ago and it’s been off and on relationship most times he…

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I have a guy friend that I met online over 4 years ago and it’s been off and on relationship, most times he is cool and he seems to be the Lord (church) type of person.

Things are not going well between the two of us as it stands now.

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Also, he has asked me for money for many different things, money for rent for his granny, hospital bills for food, etc.

When we started talking and the relationship, it was not like this. He was not so needy but now that I got a job he needs the world from me.

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I can’t help you oh I got my own stuff going on I told him, and he has just been flashing me since then, I guess because I can’t help him. And he tells me that he doesn’t have a double life I believe he has a woman over there because I can only talk to him now for certain hours.

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When we first started he could talk all the time but now it’s cut short.

Plz tell me I’m not just a fool, what should I do?

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