My Fiance Doesn’t Like Getting Down, It’s a Big Problem for Me, I Need Your Advice

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My Fiance Doesn't Like Getting Down, It's a Big Problem for Me, I Need Your Advice

My Fiance Doesn’t Like Getting Down, It’s a Big Problem for Me, I Need Your Advice.

Hi guys, my fiancee & I have been together for years now and preparation is on for our wedding later this year, the relationship has been fantastic.

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However, there is this very big ‘BUT’ about my fiancee, and as a matter of fact, she sees it as nothing or no issue at all, but this same thing is giving me a real headache and sleepless nights because I really do love her and I do know for sure that I cannot cope with it.

The problem now is my fiancee has a very low s8x drive, she is not in any way interested in s8x at all, it’s not as if I love s8x too much but at least I enjoy s8x as every other human being should. So her lack of interest in s8x is a very big issue for me, I have talked to her about it and tried everything within my reach to solve the problem but all to no avail because she is seeing it as no biggie.

Please guys what else can i do to increase har libido? because that’s the only thing I see as solution.

Is there any medication or herbs you guys can recommend for me that will definitely increase her s8x drive?


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I Need Your Advice
I Need Your Advice
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