“Alex throws herself at all the guys in the house, showing boobs & ass everywhere” Cee-C shades Alex at BBNaija Last Live Eviction Show

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Anto, Lolu, Khloe, CeeC and Miracle are up foreviction in this semi-final week of the BBNaija, marking the 77th day.

Five out of the eight remaining housemates are up for eviction, leaving Alex, Tobi and Nina, because during the week, they had head of the House challenge, which Alex won.
After Alex won, she was asked to pick a chance card, and the card said the head of House won’t be up for eviction, while Nina and Tobi by virtue of the chance card ‘magic.’ That leaves the remaining five automatically up for eviction.
From laughs to quarrels and many things in between, the closets in the Big Brother House have seen it all and for Tobi and Alex, all they can do is laugh.
Soon after the party, the duo who’ve since been joined at the hip, took time and reminisced on all they’ve seen happened in that particular space.
Apart from Alex and Tobi, other Housemates also take time to chill at the closet area, whether as a collective having chats or alone listening to their thoughts.
After the party, Anto took some moment to just sit in-between the closets and she looked far in thoughts, just like as she was at party.
Also, Cee-C had her moment in the closet space and just like her fellow Housemates, Anto, for a moment she was in deep thoughts.
Seeing that both are up for possible eviction, could it be worry that they might leave or it was just random thoughts going through their heads?
As Ebuka engages the housemates, the following dialogue ensued:
Ebuka: Did you have a problem with Tobi and Alex getting closer?
Cee-C: Well I feel like Alex was throwing herself at all the guys in the house. Showingboobs and ass everywhere.
Ebuka: Tobi will you date Alex, if she wanted to date you.
Tobi: I won’t lie. Yes.
Alex: Ha!
*Cee-C rolls eyes.
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