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Yogurt Sell­er gets Check of 3 Mil­lion Naira in Kaduna — Find out Why

Remem­ber the say­ing that “what goes around comes around?”

Well the say­ing might be a myth, yet it works as an old Yogurt sell­er was giv­en a check of 3 mil­lion by his cus­tomer of over 30 years.

Accord­ing to reports, the old man sold yogurt to chil­dren and even give them free when they don’t have mon­ey to pay. It is this gen­eros­i­ty and kind­ness that prompt­ed one of his child cus­tomer haven grown up to become a rich man to write him a check of 3 mil­lion naira.

Toktok9ja gath­ered that the old yogurt sell­er prac­tice his trade in Kaduna and on that faith­ful day, a young man drove in front of his bicy­cle and packed came out of the car and hand­ed him an enve­lope which con­tains a cheque of 3 mil­lion naira as appre­ci­a­tion for his good deeds.

It fur­ther explains the impor­tance of kind­ness and gen­eros­i­ty, because “what goes around always comes around.”

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