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Yogurt Seller gets Check of 3 Million Naira in Kaduna – Find out Why

Remember the saying that “what goes around comes around?”

Well the saying might be a myth, yet it works as an old Yogurt seller was given a check of 3 million by his customer of over 30 years.

According to reports, the old man sold yogurt to children and even give them free when they don’t have money to pay. It is this generosity and kindness that prompted one of his child customer haven grown up to become a rich man to write him a check of 3 million naira.

Toktok9ja gathered that the old yogurt seller practice his trade in Kaduna and on that faithful day, a young man drove in front of his bicycle and packed came out of the car and handed him an envelope which contains a cheque of 3 million naira as appreciation for his good deeds.

It further explains the importance of kindness and generosity, because “what goes around always comes around.”

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