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Meet Nuella, the Plus Size Model Shaking Facebook with her Heavy Ikebe

They say “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, some like them slim, others plump, while our Yoruba guys like them big especially from behind, don’t get it twisted lol. Whatever your choice, there is someone out there for you.

Big and Bold is the new beautiful, Nuella has got it all, no wonder she’s dominating Facebook with her elegant beauty and bold body.

Just recently, Nuella share photo of her shopping in a mall and what caught our attention was the commotion this photo is causing on Facebook especially from admirers and fans.

She purposely flashed her booty in this one, pretending not to know what such action could cause to humanity, babe, take it easy, lol.

Well, we admire good things, so keep peppering them Nuella!

Enjoy more Juicy Photos of Nuella and don’t ask for her number cos we are not giving!

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