Beautician & Model; Vivian Anthony Shares Eye-popping Birthday Photos

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Vivian Anthony

Vivian Anthony is always smiling at the camera and never shy while posing for photo shots. When Vivian is not busy making other women look beautiful and young with her professional skin therapy, then she’s probably hanging out with friends, or showcasing her glowing light skin on the runway.

Yes It was Vivian’s birthday yesterday, she crowned the celebration by sharing eye-popping birthday photos on her Instagram and we are liking it.

We can’t keep calm, just in case you don’t know Vivian, she’s a professional beauty therapist and the CEO of Goldenlit Skin Care and Spa, Abuja.

As a beautician, Vivian specializes on organic skincare products for all skin types. She is also a model and runway Diva.

Let’s show her some love by dropping good comments about her. Don’t forget to share and make her feel special!

More Photos

Vivian with Her Lovely Girls
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