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How do black celebrities get lighter?

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Tomer Amrani
Product Manager

33w ago

It all depends on whom you ask.

Some will claim vitiligo and earn sympathy points. Others straight up bleached their skin. Few are subjects of terrible photoshopping.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

This is Lil Kim. She was Wesley Snipes black back in my day. Two notches darker than Biggie. She’s somehow three shades lighter than my pale ass. No vitiligo, no photoshopping. Just good ol’ fashioned skin bleaching and some surgeries to appear Asian.

Something’s up with my girl Beyoncé. Not sure what plan she’s on. But she does appear lighter from album to album. I hope she stops soon. Leave that silliness to Lil Kim.

My girl Precious was just a victim of shitty photoshopping. Elle Magazine wasn’t sure how to make this cover fly off the shelves.

“Do we photoshop some weight off her or lighten her skin? Both? Okay, done!”

Of course Mike’s looking down laughing at them all!

Don’t worry, Mike- you’re still the king of transformation. I mean, pop!

Rucinde-Ann Edson
Manager at FMCG Companies (1994-present)

23w ago

No it’s not make up. It’s a course of antioxidants and vitamin c taken intravenously. That’s in the case of Kim. Sometimes it’s Photoshop. But it’s mostly the skin lightening treatments done with a doctor.

Skin bleaching is also a possibility, but it can leave scarring and cause cancer.

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