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Is Braun Strowman the strongest man in WWE?

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Mar 25, 2018 8:29 PM
Evan Lucas
Been to many events and have watched most of my life
13w ago
Right now: Probably.

Adam Scherr or ring name ‘Braun Strowman’ who is 6′ 8″ 385 lbs and competed in and won the 2012 Arnold Amateur Strongman Championships. He has been in Pro Strongman competitions as well but hasn’t won. At his peak weight he was 415 lbs., and that isn’t the WWE“billed” weight, that was his true weight.
Or it could be:
Ettore Ewen, ring name: ‘Big E’ competed at the 2010 United States Open Championships and became the top heavyweight lifter, breaking all four Florida state raw powerlifting records in the 275-pound class. He also won the 2011 USAPL Raw Nationals competing in the super heavyweight division (275+lbs) and broke the raw American and national records in the deadlift (799 lbs) and total (2,039 lbs). (records have since been broken) The Big Show has bench pressed 500 lbs for 12 reps in a set and says Big E is the most impressive bench presser he has ever seen. WWE Superstars reveal their max bench press So that must mean something
Depends on what kind of “strength” you are talking about. My answer pertains to raw weight totals for the most common exercises.
Sidhartha Kashyap
former Engineer
42w ago
Yes, with crane and no, without it.Without nothing but only with his attire- then it’s the Big Show.
Big Show pulling down the titantron without any support but only with his physical unmitigated power.
Cheers 🙂
studied at St. Mary’s Convent Senior Secondary School, Ujjain
42w ago
Arguably Yes! When it comes to sheer power no one is more powerful than the gargantuous Braun strowman, but that doesn’t mean he is unbeatable as by using agility and some technique, anyone can make him lay down; like drop kick on his knees would make him fall straight up on his face and then by using a move like ‘Curb Stomp’ when he tries to get up would make him more dizzy and then using a Finisher like ‘Spear’, he could also be pinned!!
28w ago
Yes in terms of physical strength.
See how he beats up brock lesnar and roman reigns 
Ethan Neru
42w ago
Yes cause hes pure muscle not steroids
Giovanni Galvano
34w ago
No, Brock Lesnar is based on pure lifting. Cesaro is close pound for pound though.
Umesh Mahawar
42w ago
Why people forget about Brock Lesnar when such questions come in their mind, I hope you got your answer 🙂
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