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Who was the first black president of America?

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Kelly La Rue
I’m an American

125w ago
Barack Obama.
There is a rumor that Warren Harding, our 29th president, was black but DNA testing has set that one to rest. DNA Shows Warren Harding Wasn’t America’s First Black President
Yona J. Hilderband
I am a human being, so I can relate.
70w ago
Barack Obama is the only president to have verifiable black ancestry. The presidents listed in this Wiki article are not verified. African-American heritage of United States presidents“None of the claims below has been verified by reliable sources in peer-reviewed publications. Mainline historians do not support these claims.”
Geo Swan
69w ago
Google for it and you will find that Hollywood started casting black actors as the US President long before the election of Barack Obama. Morgan Freeman brought great Presidential gravitas to the role when he was cast as President in the film where Earth is struck by a comet, and almost everyone dies.
Bob Francis
The United States of America is not popular with My Boss, but is with others
70w ago
A lot of folks think it is Barack Obama. While appearance wise, this is definitely true, there are several American Presidents who were part Black, including, no less than the likes of Abraham Lincoln.
Richard Tran
Writer for blog Hiep’s Finance
125w ago
Barack Obama. And since he is the incumbent, Obama is also the only black president of the USA to date.
Samuel Nsonga Jr.
80w ago
They are also some historians that suggest that John Hansen was the first Afro- american president… for more check this link below:
Keith Redmon
Retired Police Officer
125w ago
We haven’t had a “black” President yet. Obama is not truly “black”. He is of mixed lineage.  His mother is white. Eisenhower was reported to be of mixed lineage. We don’t call him “black”.
Caleb Fultz
Politically aware American citizen
70w ago
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