American Rapper Cardi B Visits Nigeria Showers Money on Strippers

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Cardi B Visits Nigeria

Cardi B Visits Nigeria, spends luxury time in strip club.

American Rapper Cardi B is trending on Instagram and Twitter after wild video of her spraying money in a strip club went viral.

She appears to be very excited and enjoying the moment in Nigeria at a time where so many dramas are unfolding in the Country.

Due to our policy, we are unable to display this video here due to it’s erotik nature, but you can watch the video where she was seen spraying n3ked strippers here:

Trust Nigerians, many of her fans are in support of her visit to the strip club where she lavished alot of cash on strippers. They claim she was helping the hustling N3ked Nigerian girls.

What are your thoughts on this?

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