How Strange Bird Turned Into A Woman In Lagos, Confesses To Being A Witch, Reveals Her Mission In Lagos

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How Strange Bird Turned Into A Woman In Lagos, Confesses To Being A Witch, Reveals Her Mission In Lagos
Bird Turned Into A Woman In Lagos

How Strange Bird Turned Into A Woman In Lagos, Confesses To Being A Witch, Reveals Her Mission In Lagos.

There have been several weird stories but none has beat that of a blackbird flying and then the bird fell and it mysteriously transformed from a bird to a human being, a woman precisely.

This happened in Lagos and it was reported that the fallen bird was in the company of two other birds and all of a sudden, the fallen bird landed on a moving pick-up van, owned by Eko Distribution Company. 

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To the shock of those there, the bird transformed into an old woman.

When the woman was questioned, she confessed to being a witch. She further mentioned that said she was on her way back to Ibadan, where she came from.

The dark-complexioned nonagenarian with tribal marks, who spoke in Yoruba, told the crowd that gathered around her that said she missed her track and her mystical powers disappointed her because it was already morning and it was made to work during the night.

A witness narrated the reaction of people saying;

“Everyone ran away at first but we later gathered round the woman only to discover that she had a bruise on her forehead with which she landed. When we asked her what her mission was, she said three of them were sent to Lagos from their coven in Ibadan but that on their way back, they missed their way. She said they started hovering in the area until it was morning, adding that she fell because she was tired.

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How Strange Bird Turned Into A Woman In Lagos, Confesses To Being A Witch, Reveals Her Mission In Lagos

“She also told us that she initially did not want to embark on the journey and that she used to restrict her witchcraft activities to Ibadan because of her age. She was thereafter taken to the Baale of Ajeromi, where she confessed to have killed her husband through witchcraft.”

As weird as this may sound, it isn’t the first time something like this would be happening in Nigeria. Some time ago, a video went viral where a woman in Delta state confessed to being a witch after being found half-naked in a refuse dump. It was said that she had been hit by a trailer whilst flying in the form of a ‘bird’.

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As the bird was hit, it immediately turned to a human being, who at the time had already suffered an extensive injury to her arm as a result of the collision.

To the shock of many, the woman confessed that it was Pastor TB Joshua of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN), who disrupted her mission. She mentioned that the power of his prayers blocked her ‘evil mission’ and in fact, that it was him who turned into a trailer.

“TB Joshua turned into the trailer,” she said

Not stopping at that, the woman went on to confess other things, including the people she had killed.

She said;

“I have killed many, many people… I am ‘the Lucifer’ which Jesus Christ talked about… I am one million years old”

Despite how strange she looked, she was taken to the hospital for treatment but for obvious reasons, no one went to identify herself and her family member.



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