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Leopard Goes on Rampage Attacks 3 People Almost to Death (Photos)

A leopard mauled three people after going on rampage through block of flats.

It is believed the leopard attacked and injured three residents in the compound, before it was eventually sedated after four attempts to shoot it with tranquilizer guns.
The leopard was discovered by a construction worker as he arrived to work on Friday morning on the compound in Palher Nagar, India.

It is thought the leopard had sneaked onto the site during the night and had hidden in a building that was under construction.

It took the authorities an hour-and-a-half to finally sedate the irate leopard.

Some people shut themselves into their homes when the leopard emerged, while others climbed trees or onto their roofs to catch a glimpse of it.

After the leopard was finally knocked unconscious, following the four tranquiliser gun shots, the Forest Department waited half an hour to approach the animal.

Workers loaded the leopard into a cage and took it to a zoo.

An investigation is underway as to how the leopard got into the gated compound.

See more photos below:-

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